Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Book Cover/ A Day in 2071

The Sociology of Bharat Dogra’s Literary Creations

Through his stories and novellas, Bharat Dogra makes it possible—the confluence of political sociology and literary imagination.

From Linux to Windows and Back

What does it mean to use Linux and how is the user experience better than in Windows, here is a personal narrative of a user who sides with the former and tells us exactly why.

What is an algorithm? How computers know what to do with data

The world of computing is full of buzzwords: AI, supercomputers, machine learning, the cloud, quantum computing and more. One word in particular is used...

The Adverse Impact of 5G on Health and Environment Are Far More Serious...

The usage of 5G technologies leaves a severe impact on people’s heath as well as the environment, and we seldom realise the intensity of this crisis.

The Urgency of Listening to a Visionary’s Warnings Against Digital Dictatorship

Educator Satish Kumar’s pertinent reminder on the possibility of digital censorship strikes a chord with the pressing concerns of the contemporary world.

Finding Meaning Amid Empty Classrooms and Online Chatrooms

Empty classrooms are a reality as the times call for a shift to the online mode, this redefines the very essence of an intimate, face to face student-teacher relationship.

China and AI: what the world can learn and what it should be wary...

China announced in 2017 its ambition to become the world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030. While the US still leads in absolute...

Health & Environmental Impacts of 5G Can’t be Overlooked for High-Speed and Smoother Accessibility

The coming in of 5G technologies has generated both excitement and worry, as concerns regarding its impact on people’s health and environment raise pertinent questions.

Astronomy Enthusiasts Look Forward to Spotting International Space Station Tonight

International space station will be visible from Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Delhi tonight.

Lawsuit Filed Against LinkedIn for Spying on Apple users

A lawsuit filed in San Francisco federal court claims that LinkedIn reads clipboard information without notifying its users.  Last week 53 apps including TikTok and...

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