Friday, May 7, 2021

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    A Modern Hospital and the Agonies of a Technologically Monitored Death

    BIO - MEDICINE In this brief note, the author has reflected on bio-medicine, and the ethical issues relating to healing, life and death.

    Unemployment in the Age of Automation

    RUTHLESS TECHNOCRACY While robots and smart machines may soon take away most of our jobs, the striking challenges of unemployment and entrenched poverty that are faced by a nation like India may remind us of the precedence of social justice over a stubborn drive for automation.

    Why Indigenous Farming Knowledge needs to be revived

    AGRICULTURE India's farmers did not get adequate attention and instead our farm research became over-dependent on the technology and crop varieties from abroad. This has proved very harmful for our agriculture and therefore it is important to draw attention to the rich heritage of traditional farming wisdom in India.

    Unplugged Existence: When a ‘Bad’ Network Day, Brought Me Closer to Life

    The obsession with technology has on many occasions taken us away from the celebration of heartfelt face to face conversations, the freedom to experience the beauty of life without a compulsion for sharing it on social networking sites or simply to enjoy a favorite book by the window side. A young woman shares an experience that led to an inner journey of contemplation and self-discovery. Priyanka Yadav

    The Kingdom of Apps and the Denial of Humanism

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT Applications to talk to and determine suicidal tendencies are becoming popular amidst young professionals showcasing a massive challenge before a society characterised by anonymity and surveillance.

    Finding a Way Out of Technological Fetish

    PERSPECTIVE / The information age characterised by knowledge revolution and an excessive usage of digital gadgets impacts the manner in which life is negotiated and issues are interpreted.  Despite its democratising features, the obsession with technology has resulted in cultural crisis. Chandrayee Goswami |

    China’s iPal Robot Claims To Compensate For Lack of Human Company

    TECHNOLOGY The Chinese culture is immensely fascinated by technological solutions; the latest robot iPal is designed to compensate the lack of human company in a lonely society.

    Children in the Underdeveloped Countries Learn to Use Computers: Teachers Role as Mediators

    Many projects instituted by international organisations like the United Nations prioritise the dissemination of technology to the poor nations.Will technology on its own meet the need of inculcating active citizenship?

    Contextualizing the Telephone as the Communication Device of Our Times

    Telecommunications have brought a massive change in the way in which we interact, communicate and express ourselves. Here the author takes us on a journey of personal narratives about how the telephone meant different things to her at various stages of her life and what it would mean to live without them it, a change. Ankita Chatterjee

    DIALOGUE|Confessions of a Social Media Addict

    DIALOGUE | Are Smartphones the New Opium of the Masses? Obsession and diligent usage are often confused and this has often been the case as far as our relationship with technology is considered. Let us explore the layers of this complex debate through the author’s first-hand experience. Amir Sayed

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