Friday, May 7, 2021

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    The Trap of Scientism and Technocratic Rationality: In Search of Liberating Education

    In this philosophically nuanced article (based on the foundation day lecture the author delivered at the Central Institute of Education, Delhi University on December 19, 2017) Professor Avijit Pathak has raised serious epistemological issues, and pleaded for an enriched dialogue between science and humanities.

    Are Smartphones the New Opium of the Masses?

    DEBATE In hyper modern times mobile phones and social media platforms have brought about a new form of slavery into society. It is found that today we spend most of our time on phones compulsively addicted to social media.

    Power-Cut at Atlanta Airport and the Reminder of Technological Crisis in Our Times

    The recent power cut at Atlanta Airport and the major problems that it led to for both commuters and authorities is not a case...

    The Meanings of the Walkman: Towards a Cultural Artifact By Steve Matthewman

    Steve Matthewman is a distinguished sociologist teaching at University of Auckland, New Zealand. In this amazingly insightful piece, the author has reflected on the Walkman—the way this technological device has led to growing privatization of our experiences, and altered our modes of engagement with society. Steve Matthewman

    And the Death of Wonder By Nutan Upadhyay

    Recently we raise a debate on the nature of science education in the age of technological seduction. Here is a response that reveals how...

    Education is not just an Accumulation of Degrees

    Education is the guiding force of society and it has the potential to liberate it from the forces of negativity, meanness and ruthless competition. How can we define education in the modern era to suit the needs of these challenging times?

    Hang me, I have not changed :The tales of pain, social neurosis and loss...

    In this reflexive piece Uttam—a theatre activist situated in West Bengal—reflects on his hometown, the ugly changes it is passing through, and its devastating...

    The importance of rational thinking and the pedagogue’s responsibility By Mohammad Zafar

    MATTER OF CONCERN The importance of rational thinking and the pedagogue’s responsibility Developing a clear thought process among students is of prime importance, it is with...

    Does Technological Seduction Destroy the Rigor of Science?

                       Does Technological Seduction Destroy the Rigor of Science?  Furthermore, science has its discipline, its beauty, its wonder. Without these qualities, without this quest that...

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