Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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    Do Dalits Have the Right to Free Worship?

    Upset over the demolition of a 600-year old Ravidas temple, protestors condemn ‘upper-caste’ bias of the Indian nation-state.
    It is tragic that in such volatile moments our politicians also choose to only aggravate the situation instead of working towards communal harmony. | Image Credit - Vishnu Prasad/ Twitter

    Parking Scuffle, Vandalised Temple and an Attack on India’s Secular Fabric

    A parking fight in Old Delhi led to temple vandalism and resultant communal conflict- but will the political leaders successfully end the dispute and defuse the tension?

    Parking Fight Escalates to Communal Tension in Old Delhi

    A fight over parking a scooter escalated into communal tension at Lal Kuan near Chawri Bazar in Old Delhi. Will it disrupt communal harmony forever?

    The Body as a Site for Politics: Sabarimala Raises Questions on Faith versus Civility...

    SABRIMALA ISSUE The Sabarimala issue raises important question regarding women’s dignity and their right to worship as a constitutional right.

    DEBATE | Do Women Render Temples Impure?

    WEEKLY DEBATE In a nation that worships the mother goddess, it is time ‘real’ women are given some respect. We urge our readers to reflect on this issue and send their ideas, comments, feedback and responses to us. Kindly send your response at thenewleam@gmail.com

    Dilapidated but Shimmery: Our State of Affairs

    THE LATEST | Not just yet another news item. The New Leam evolves a way of seeing, and reflects on the mood of our times. The New Leam Staff

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