Thursday, May 26, 2022


AMU,TISS, Jadavpur to IIT: JMI Violence Aftershock Shakes up Campuses Nationwide

After brutal police violence at JMI, students throughout the country condemn the act and stand in solidarity with JMI.
Anti-CAA Protests

Massive Protests at Jantar Mantar Against Citizenship Act

Massive protests took place at Jantar Mantar uniting people from different walks of life against the CAB.

UN Labels India’s New Citizenship Law “Fundamentally Discriminatory”

The United Nations has condemned India’s Citizenship Act and labelled it “Fundamentally Discriminatory.”
nti cab protest india students

Nationwide Outrage and Popular Discontent Against the CAB

Curfew, police firing, night vigils and massive demonstrations have marked the widespread public outrage against the CAB.

From Streets to Courts, Bengali Muslims Come Together to Fight Against Citizenship (Amendment)Bill

Keeping up with Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s secular credentials, Muslim groups to launch “peaceful protests” against the Citizenship Bill.

AMU Lockdown :Students Boycott Meals to Protest Against Citizenship Bill

From boycotting meals to massive protest rallies, AMU students vehemently oppose the CAB.

Curfew Doesn’t Dilute the Spirit of Protestors Against the CAB

Protests Continue in Guwahati against the Citizenship(Amendment) Bill as protestors defy curfew.

Citizenship Bill Will Ensure the Honour and Dignity of the Minorities, Says Home Minister...

In defence of CAB, Home Minister Amit Shah says, “Muslims in India don’t need to worry.”
Assam had been witnessing major daytime as well as night protests against the implementation of the NRC

Assam Rages with Major Protests Against Contentious Citizenship Bill

The CAB will be tabled in the Lok Sabha by Union Home Minister Amit Shah but is likely to face great opposition in the House.

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