Sunday, May 29, 2022


Lucknow, Dakshina Kannada to Experience Internet Shutdown till December 21

Internet and mobile services have been suspended in many parts of the country while anti-CAA protests take place all over.

CAA and a Resistance to the Majoritarian Discourse Around the ‘Northeast Frontier’ and Beyond

This is an article looking at the complex intersections of democracy, resistance and the emerging new trends in India’s political history.
children tortured ANTI-CAA and NRC Protest

Thousands take part in anti-CAA protests across the country

Sunil Mittal, the owner of Airtel has said that " We are bound by the order of the government". Airtel has announced that it has suspended mobile services in many parts of Delhi due to the request of the government.

Ramchandra Guha, Yogendra Yadav Detained During Anti-CAA Protests

Scores of protestors were detained across the cities of Delhi and Bengaluru including leaders and eminent figures like Yogendra Yadav, Ramchandra Guha and Sitaram Yechury.

Citizenship Amendment Act: Resistance in Times of Majoritarianism

The recently passed Citizenship(Amendment)Bill is witnessing nationwide protests and is seen by many citizens as violative of constitutional ideals.

Violence, Dissent and Political Resistance in Times when Democracy is in Danger

Democracy gives its citizens the right to dissent and voice their concerns, a trend of suppressing people’s voices goes against the very fabric of a democratic order.

Its Time to Rise Up to the Occassion, My Dear Friends from Jamia

The crackdown at Jamia Milia Islamia after students engaged in a protests against the CAB, captured the national imagination and brought the question of democratic protests to the forefront.

VIDEO | CAB’s Onslaught on Religious Diversity in India

A conversation between Professor Rizwan Qaiser and Sagar Dey on the recent CAB controversy and its alleged onslaught on religious diversity in India.

In Assam, a solidarity network has emerged to help those at risk of becoming stateless

The international community criticised the new law, with the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights calling it “fundamentally discriminatory”.

“Will Protests Until NRC, CAA are rolled Back” Says Mamata Banerjee

CM Mamata Banerjee organised a massive protest demonstration against the CAB in Kolkata.

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