Friday, November 27, 2020

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    Professor Edward Rodrigues: Graceful Withering Away of a Blooming Flower

    LIVING MEMORY Professor Avijit Pathak pays homage to his colleague and friend—a great pedagogue filled with passionate ideas, critical thinking and zeal for life.

    Tribute To Professor Yashpal: Science Is Not Devoid Of Philosophic And Cultural Vision

    The New Leam pays homage to Professor Yash Pal (1926-2017). He was a gifted scientist known for his path-breaking work in cosmic rays physics. He was guided by the spirit of scientific enquiry; he was an institution-builder; and above all, he was a great educationist with immense sensitivity to pedagogy, cultural fineness and civilizational issues. In a way, he was an embodiment of the oceanic flow of knowledge traditions.

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