Saturday, August 15, 2020


    The Encounter of Vikas Dubey: From Non-Entity to Dreaded Gangster

    From a non-entity to most dreaded gangster in India, Vikas Dubey’s story is nerve-chilling and complex.

    A Lethargic State Apparatus & Poor Disaster Management are Allowing Lightening to Claim Hundreds...

    More than 100 people lost their lives due to lightening in Bihar this month, with a delayed and ill-equipped disaster management apparatus, is Bihar destined to fall victim to such disasters again and again?

    Increasing Threat from Lightning Strikes

    As many as 110 persons died in a series of lightning strikes in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh on this day.

    PM Narenda Modi Launches ‘Atma Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rozgar Abhiyan’ to Increase Employment Opportunities

    PM Narendra Modi launches the ‘Atma Nirbhar Uttar Pradesh Rozgar Abhiyan’ to generate employment opportunities at the state level.
    labour law

    UP Government Pushes for ‘Hire and Fire’ Labour Reforms in a Heartless Move Amid...

    UP CM Yogi Adityanath’s move to suspend critical labour laws will bring about unprecedented hardships for the labouring class and push them further to the perils of marginalisation and indignity.
    Kuchbandiya Community

    Kuchbandiya Community Struggles for Essential Sanitation

    Poor sanitation and infrastructural facilities have further pushed the Kuchbandiya community into marginalisation and hardship.
    informal sector

    The Shocking Revelations of Caste Based Exploitation and Atrocity in Uttar Pradesh

    Even decades after Indian independence, caste based atrocity and rampant violence continue to fragment and fracture India’s socio-political fabric.
    children tortured ANTI-CAA and NRC Protest

    Brutal State: UP Police detained and tortured children during anti-CAA protests

    The UP Police detained and tortured children during protests against the contentious CAA in several parts of Uttar Pradesh according to a fact finding committee.

    Unnao Rape Victim Dies, UP CM Yogi Adityanath Promises Speedy Justice

    Unnao rape victim’s death puts humanity to shame and shows our collective decadence as a society.

    Dead Mouse or Dead Ethics: Why is the UP Government Feeding Poisoned Food in...

    Dead mouse, diluted milk, salt and rotis, this is the dark truth of rampant corruption and callous implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

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