Friday, April 23, 2021


    Priyanka Gandhi Meets Sonbhadra Victims, Demands Justice for Gond Tribesmen

    Priyanka Gandhi returns after meeting Sonbhadra victims, ends dharna.

    Congress State Chiefs Resign after Massive Election Debacle

    State Chiefs of Congress Party put forth their resignation by taking the responsibility for Congress’s failure in the Lok Sabha elections.

    Kerala Emphasises Education at the Core of Development

    EDUCATION EDUCATION At a time when states such as Uttar Pradesh are busy renaming districts in the name of religious affinity, the state of Kerala has walked on an altogether new model of development by introducing its citizens to education through the State Literacy Mission.

    The Hindutva Politics of Name Changing is Misleading the Masses

    POLITICS Gorakhpur’s Urdu Bazaar is now Hindi Bazaar while Allahabad has become Prayagraj - the trend of changing names of significant towns and cities of the nation reminds us that a politics based on differentiation and alienation of the minority is opposed to the growth of the nation as a whole.

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