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A Yemeni child looks at the ruins of war from a dilapidate structure

If Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis Doesn’t Teach Us a Lesson on the Futility of War,...

Hunger and malnutrition, poverty and marginalisation are at the heart of Yemen’s worsening humanitarian crisis. 

Children without Childhoods on a War-torn Globe

From Yemen and Palestine to Myanmar and Africa, wars have denied children the right to enjoy their childhoods in recent years. Why do innocent children have to bear the brunt of conflicts incited by mighty nation-states?

A Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen and the Pathology of On-going War

More than 2.9 children are malnourished and 29 million are dependent on aid composed of food coming from other states.

Neglected and Deprived, the World’s Injustice for Yemen

YEMEN CRISIS The Yemen crisis has had a long standing implication on the lives of Yemenis who are having difficulty in even ensuring that their children don’t starve to death. It’s time for world politics to take charge of the situation and enable Yemenis to lead a better life.

Humanitarian and Health Crisis in Yemen: Looking Beyond the War

HEALTH Yemen’s health crisis continues to impact the lives of thousands of people who are paralysed by a broken healthcare system and inhuman living conditions born out of war. It is time that the on-going war in Yemen is addressed and people’s lives are brought to normalcy. Priyanka Yadav

Middle- East as a Contested Terrain and the Emergent Humanitarian Crisis

WORLD Yemen has been at the centre stage of conflict for over three years and the devastating condition of its people demands the immediate interest of the global community for restoring peace and democratic values in the contested terrain.

Who is Accountable to the 40 Children Who Died in Yemen Strike?

YEMEN | A bus being strike in Yemen leads to the deaths of more than 40 children, whose burial reminds the world community of violence and injustice inherent in global peace talks?

IN Pictures | Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike in Yemen Kills Dozens of Children

IN PICTURES In a recent Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike in Yemen Kills Dozens, many of them are children. With a deep sense of pain we are sharing a few images. 

Yemen Pleads for Help: Stepping into the Darkness of sustained War

SPECIAL REPORT The condition of Yemen today is thought to be one of extreme ethical crisis. The on-going war and restlessness within the country has brought forward an environment of famine and rampant death because of unavailability of structural help.

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