Friday, April 23, 2021

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    Bhagat Singh’s version of nationalism and what it may mean for Indian education

    As we commemorate Bhagat Singh's 90th death anniversary, here is a close look at the ideas and vision that the man stood for.
    masks protest

    The Joker to Guy Fawkes: why protesters around the world are wearing the same...

    Masks have been used by humans for millennia for a variety of purposes from rituals to theatrical performances in order to entertain, to protect and to disguise.

    To Be Young and to Approach Gandhi in Present Time

    Gandhi is more relevant today than at any other time. Gandhian ideas provide a subversive lens to grapple with the present pathology of modernity, nationalism and violent existence.
    Coronavirus in Indian Jail

    Detained and Jailed: Kashmir Youth in the Prisons of UP

    More than 300 detained young people from Kashmir await justice in prison.
    Unemployment has a catastrophic impact on the Asia-Pacific

    Growing Unemployment, Lack of Systemic Reform and India’s Job Market

    Does India’s emergent youth population necessarily imply economic advantage or does it deepen the unemployment crisis?

    The Emergence of India’s Political Youth

    From national level parties with infrastructural strengths to candidates born out of student politics and grassroot concerns- is the Indian political scenario experiencing change?

    Crisis in Public Education and Scarcity of Government Sector Employment in Light of the...

    There needs to be a long-term vision based on how focused work needs to be done in order to address the challenges of education and employment facing our nation.

    Youth Adhikar March: An Emerging Possibility in the Age of Darkness

    EDITORIAL The rains in Delhi could not diminish the spirit of the youth. Seeing them in the streets of Delhi raising their demands and concerns...

    ‘Packaged’ Celebration: Alcoholism to Hyper Consumption on the New Year

    Will the market allow us to rethink celebrations in the age of hyper-consumption and media induced images of happiness if we don’t choose to think differently?

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