Friday, April 23, 2021

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    How Excessive Dependence on Ground Water in the Gangetic Belt is Exposing People to...

    Consumption of arsenic contaminated water in West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh is a major health hazard but little is being done to address the crisis.

    What Bihar Requires to Spend on Elementary School Education?

    Low funding in education has costed Bihar a lot and unless it prioritises school education and its democratisation under the RTE, it is bound to remain educationally deprived.

    RJD Leader Tejashwi Yadav Calls Nitish Kumar’s Bihar India’s ‘Unemployment Capital’

    Calling Bihar India’s unemployment capital, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav warns the Nitish Kumar government that it should be prepared to face protests if it doesn’t deliver the promised employment opportunities. 

    Saving Darbhanga’s wetlands from encroachment and apathy

    Around a decade ago, in Darbhanga city of the Mithilanchal region of Bihar, Narayan Choudhary started the Talab Bachao Abhiyan, a campaign to save the heritage and wealth of the region – its ponds.

    Bihar Witnesses Crumbling Medical Infrastructure Amid Pandemic, Putting Doctors at Highest Risk of Death...

    Poor quality PPE kits, overburdening and non-adherence to basic safety protocol expose Bihar doctors to highest risk of infection related deaths according to IMA.

    Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Flood Situation in Bihar Deteriorates

    The floods in Bihar are wrecking large-scale havoc in the state and have so far claimed thirteen lives. The northern districts are the worst effected.

    Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Fare Worst in COVID Reporting According to Stanford Study

    A latest study by Stanford University shows that Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are worst as far as reporting of coronavirus cases is concerned.

    Floods Ravage Northern Bihar Affecting Over One Million Across Several Districts

    Over 10 lakh people across ten districts in northern Bihar have been adversely affected by the ravaging flood.

    The Adverse Impact of Fake News & Hate Campaigns on Fruit-Vegetable Vendors of Bihar

    In the aftermath of Tablighi Jamaat case, a sustained social media campaign and proliferation of fake news made sure that muslim fruit-vegetable vendors were discriminated and ostracised.

    Link Road to Bihar’s Newly Constructed Sattarghat Bridge Collapses in Major Embarrassment for CM...

    Bihar’s newly constructed Sattarghat bridge has witnessed a link road being washed away due to incessant rains in less than a month of inauguration.

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