Saturday, September 26, 2020

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    Bihar Witnesses Crumbling Medical Infrastructure Amid Pandemic, Putting Doctors at Highest Risk of Death...

    Poor quality PPE kits, overburdening and non-adherence to basic safety protocol expose Bihar doctors to highest risk of infection related deaths according to IMA.

    Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Flood Situation in Bihar Deteriorates

    The floods in Bihar are wrecking large-scale havoc in the state and have so far claimed thirteen lives. The northern districts are the worst effected.

    Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Fare Worst in COVID Reporting According to Stanford Study

    A latest study by Stanford University shows that Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are worst as far as reporting of coronavirus cases is concerned.

    Floods Ravage Northern Bihar Affecting Over One Million Across Several Districts

    Over 10 lakh people across ten districts in northern Bihar have been adversely affected by the ravaging flood.

    The Adverse Impact of Fake News & Hate Campaigns on Fruit-Vegetable Vendors of Bihar

    In the aftermath of Tablighi Jamaat case, a sustained social media campaign and proliferation of fake news made sure that muslim fruit-vegetable vendors were discriminated and ostracised.

    Link Road to Bihar’s Newly Constructed Sattarghat Bridge Collapses in Major Embarrassment for CM...

    Bihar’s newly constructed Sattarghat bridge has witnessed a link road being washed away due to incessant rains in less than a month of inauguration.

    A Lethargic State Apparatus & Poor Disaster Management are Allowing Lightening to Claim Hundreds...

    More than 100 people lost their lives due to lightening in Bihar this month, with a delayed and ill-equipped disaster management apparatus, is Bihar destined to fall victim to such disasters again and again?

    Top Coronavirus Updates/ Schools to reopen in Haryana from July 27

    The total number of COVID-19 cases in India is 585K, a total of 348K people have recovered and the number of deaths is 17,400....

    Increasing Threat from Lightning Strikes

    As many as 110 persons died in a series of lightning strikes in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh on this day.

    Absence of State-Civil Society Cooperation Make Hunger an Unprecedented Challenge in Bihar

    The government and the civil society must work in collaborative effort to fight hunger and poverty amid the pandemic, but why have things not worked for Bihar?

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