Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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    A Lethargic State Apparatus & Poor Disaster Management are Allowing Lightening to Claim Hundreds...

    More than 100 people lost their lives due to lightening in Bihar this month, with a delayed and ill-equipped disaster management apparatus, is Bihar destined to fall victim to such disasters again and again?

    Top Coronavirus Updates/ Schools to reopen in Haryana from July 27

    The total number of COVID-19 cases in India is 585K, a total of 348K people have recovered and the number of deaths is 17,400....

    Increasing Threat from Lightning Strikes

    As many as 110 persons died in a series of lightning strikes in Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh on this day.

    Absence of State-Civil Society Cooperation Make Hunger an Unprecedented Challenge in Bihar

    The government and the civil society must work in collaborative effort to fight hunger and poverty amid the pandemic, but why have things not worked for Bihar?

    Will Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s COVID-19 Response Impact NDA’s Poll Performance in Upcoming State...

    Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s public image has taken a toll with his ‘inefficient’ handling of the COVID-19 crisis but will it impact the NDA’s performance in the upcoming assembly polls?

    Food Poisoning Renders Over a Dozen Migrant Workers Seriously Ill in Bihar Quarantine Centre

    Migrant workers suffer major food poisoning after eating at a quarantine centre in Bihar’s Karki. 
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    Why Must it Take a Jyoti Kumari to Cycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga to...

    Visuals of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari cycling from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her ailing father over seven days amid the lockdown have gone viral and the likes of Ivanka Trump have called her story inspiring.
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    Acute Encephalitis Syndrome: Will Bihar’s Poor Public Healthcare Allow Children to Die This Year...

    A fragile healthcare system and the challenges posed by COVID-19 have compelled Bihar to urgently work towards strengthening its medical infrastructure for fighting the looming Acute Encephalitis Syndrome that claimed hundreds of lives a year ago.

    Initially Opposed to the Idea , Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Now Supports Bringing Back...

    Changing his stance, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar is now showing an eagerness to bring back stranded migrant workers from other states.
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    Bihar Has Orphaned Its Students & Migrants and Doesn’t Want Them to Return Home

    Bihar has been consistent in maintaining that there is no need to bring back stranded students and migrants even as other states make tremendous efforts in this context.

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