Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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    A Tribute to Legendary Film-Maker Mrinal Sen

    Mrinal Sen’s sharp eye for realism and his ability to tell the tale of human sufferings on celluloid made him one of the most significant voices of new age parallel cinema in India.

    The Cinema of Satyajit Ray will always be Relevant

    BIRTH ANNIVERSARY / Indian film director Satyajit Ray stood for an era in film making that was classic, profound and simultaneously communicative and democratic.

    Kalank: Undiluted Goodness and Religious Antagonism Paint an Unrealistic Picture

    Kalank is set in pre- Independence India and is a film about unrequited love, revenge and communal hatred. But in spite of its promising theme, Kalank misses the point.

    A Cathartic Fake-ness and The Void of Meaningful Roles

    VIEWPOINT We are closer to a catharsis of fake-ness. What roles are these models really playing for us other than obscuring the crystal clear truth that we are too blinded by the glitz of glamour to see our real role models? Dev Nath Pathak

    The Portrayal of Women in Satyajit Ray’s Films: Not the Usual Brand of...

    The  Portrayal of Women in Satyajit Ray’s Films: Not the Usual Brand of feminism The artistic genius of Satyajit  Ray lay in his ability to...

    Beyond the Utilitarian Connotation of Education By Aditi Banerjee

                            Beyond the Utilitarian Connotation of Education Fearlessness—or the ability to overcome setbacks and difficulties—ought...

    Childhood and Cinema By Vikash Sharma

                                                Childhood and Cinema  Here is an article that narrates the process of  growing up with cinema. With sharp observations, intense memories and longing for...

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