Wednesday, July 15, 2020


    Does your face mask protect you or other people?

    Should we wear face masks? We tell our children to cover their mouths when they cough, so when we cannot predict who may or...

    Coronavirus Pandemic Pushes Millions More into Hunger and Malnutrition:UN Report

    The pandemic and its extensive economic fallout have compelled more people across the world to go hunger and suffer from malnutrition.

    Moorings for a Post-Pandemic World & On What Lies Beyond

    The pandemic has left us stranded on the threshold of the old and the new, but will the new world be full of compassion and empathy or will it carry over the injustices of the old?

    Maskne: Acne & Breakouts Due to Prolonged Usage of Masks Can be Treated, Here’s...

    While wearing masks may be mandatory, it is important to deal with skin problems or Maskne that may be caused due to sweating and friction inside it.

    Problematising the Evaluation System, the Absurdity of Conducting Exams Amid the Pandemic

    With the government keen on conducting final year examinations for final year students even amid the pandemic, lets rethink evaluation.

    Altering Forms of Social Exclusion & Marginality Amid the Pandemic

    In an unequal society like ours, has the pandemic intensified the exiting societal cleavages?
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    Coronavirus Highlights/ Parliament Monsoon Session Dates to Improved Coronavirus Recovery Rates

    Here are some of the top coronavirus updates that have been making news in the last couple of hours in India and the world.   ...

    Coronavirus Highlights/The Bihar government has directed medical colleges to arrange 100 beds for coronavirus...

    Here is a look at the biggest Covid-19 updates that have made news. Saturday was a day when India recored the highest one day...

    Activist Akhil Gogoi Tests Coronavirus Positive

    Activist Akhil Gogoi has tested coronavirus positive in Guwahati Central Jail and will undergo treatment at the Guwahati Medical College Hospital.
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    Delhi Government Cancels Examinations For State Run Colleges & Universities and Also State Board...

    Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia announced that the state government has decided to cancel exams for all the state run universities and...

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