Friday, April 23, 2021

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    Masked Attack Unmasks the Recent Deterioration in India

    The recent attack on JNU by a masked mob has sent shock waves across the country.
    'Outside Goons' Attack JNU, Rampant Violence and Abuse

    VIDEO | ‘Outside Goons’ Attack JNU, Rampant Violence and Abuse


    Masked Men Attack Students and Teachers at JNU

    Massive violence has broken out inside the JNU campus, students and teachers have been brutally attacked by goons wearing masks.
    JNU Administration- FEE HIKE- PROTEST

    JNU Administration allows Provisional Registration for Protesting Students: What Next?

    JNU students are on strike since October 28, 2019 against the IHA hostel manual which entailed a massive fee hike introducing service and utility charges in hostels and no mention of reservation policy in hostel allotment.

    JNU VC And the Absurdity of the Online End Semester Examination

    Is it the inflated ego of the Vice Chancellor that leads the JNU administration to come forward with the ridiculous proposal of conducting the end semester examination through email and WhatsApp?

    A Raging Anger, a Sense of Emergency and the March to Delhi Police Headquarters

    After police personnel entered the JMI campus and a violent clash broke out, students from several universities marched to the police headquarters at ITO.

    No End to JNU Crisis

    Delhi Police lathi-charge JNU students on way to Rashtrapati Bhawan.

    Poverty and Self-Respect in the Life of Students in JNU

    Self-respect is the emotion animating the entire student resistance against fee hike in JNU.

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