Saturday, June 19, 2021

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    After early success, Kerala stumbles in containing the COVID-19 pandemic

    Months after winning international acclaim for effectively managed COVID-19, Kerala is seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases.

    Kerala High Court Dismisses State’s Plea Against Privatisation of Thiruvanathapuram International Airport

    The Thiruvanathapuram International Airport will undergo complete privatisation as Kerala High Court rejects the state government’s plea opposing Centre’s decision regarding privatisation of the airport.

    Women in a Remote Kerala Village Conduct a ‘Jalsamadhi’ as Symbolic Resistance

    The coming together of 33 women in a remote Kerala village and their indulgence in a ‘jalsamadhi’ to attract the government’s attention towards sustained apathy and neglect is a reminder of the significance of peaceful resistance.

    Kerala Owes Highest Literacy Rate to Sustained Efforts Towards Democratisation and Dissemination of Education

    Kerala’s historically consistent top rank in terms of its literacy rate has much to do with a sustained emphasis on democratising education and generating public awareness.

    Kerala Government Opposes Centre’s Airport Privatisation Move, Appeals to PM to Rethink Decision

    The Central government’s decision to hand over three airports of Kerala including the one at Thiruvananthapuram to a private company for a period of...

    Air India Express Dubai-Kozhikode Flight Crashes Killing 18 & Injuring Over 100

    The accident of an Air India flight in Kozhikode ends up killing more than 18 people including pilots and cabin crew. More than 1oo people left seriously injured.

    Infodemic Amid a Pandemic : Revisiting the Question of Dignity Amid the Health Crisis

    The bombardment of unauthenticated information creates hindrances for an effective pandemic management, compromising dignity.

    48 killed, several Trapped After Massive Landslide in Kerala’s Idukki District

    After three days of massive rain, Idukki’s landslide killed 13, 60 others feared to trapped.

    Mysterious Death of Three Migrant Workers in Kerala’s Kanjikode Sparks Protest

    The mysterious deaths of three migrant workers near IIT Kanjikode has resulted in a protest demonstration by migrant workers demanding justice for their colleagues.

    The Padmanabhaswamy Temple Controversy and the Politics of History Telling

    According to the SC the erstwhile royals of Thiruvananthapuram will continue to have ceremonial rights over the temple but its proceedings will be looked after by a committee.

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