Thursday, June 30, 2022


Does the Development Quotient Cease to be Significant to the Average Indian Voter?

It was not Development but caste and identity that formed the basis of voting in Lok Sabha elections, 2019.

New Political Trends: A Reflection on the Lok Sabha Elections

Democracy thrives and is enriched when the average citizen assumes it his critical responsibility to participate in and reflect on all that is unfolding around him.

The Emergence of India’s Political Youth

From national level parties with infrastructural strengths to candidates born out of student politics and grassroot concerns- is the Indian political scenario experiencing change?

Kanhaiya Kumar: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Decadent Political Culture

OPINION/ Here is a piece that seeks to see Kanhaiya Kumar through the eyes of a teacher.

Rahul Gandhi’s Decision to Contest from Wayanad: an Attempt to Bridge North-South Divide?

POLITICS / The Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad district of Kerala may be an attempt to bridge the north and the south, but is receiving backlash from across the political spectrum.

Will the Average Indian Voter Learn to Transcend the Politics of Rhetoric?

Democracy4You/The Lok Sabha elections are drawing closer, within this context what are the issues of the Indian voter?

Democracy for Sale: the Current Culture of Corporatization of Indian Politics

Democrcy4You | The showcase of money and muscle power have limited the electoral procedure into an occupation of the selected elite, will democracy retain any meaning if people cannot participate in its functioning?

Not in Congress, not in BJP…. Looking for the Missing Gandhi

COMMENTARY / Gandhi family’s visit to the Sabarmati Ashram on the 89th  anniversary of the Dandi March ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and Prime Minster Modi’s commentary on the Congress  being essentially an anti-thesis of Gandhian ideals - has revealed how Gandhi continues to be a much appropriated symbol within India’s political culture.

Opinion Polls Predict Tough Time for NDA

LOK SABHA ELECTION 2019 The ABP-CVoter and India Today-Karvy have come up with Opinion Polls that show the revival of the UPA and the challenges to the sweeping success of the NDA across the nation.

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