Sunday, November 29, 2020


    Children of Migrant Workers Deprived of Nutrition & Vaccines as Anganwadis Remain Dysfunctional

    Children from vulnerable families across India are being deprived of nutritious food and vaccines as anganwadis remain shut and the health system finds itself over-burdened and fragile.

    Indian Garment Industry’s Shutting Down of Creche Services is Anti-Women

    Garment factories have opened but creche services remain dysfunctional, leaving lakhs of women employees distressed and compelled to leave their jobs amid the pandemic.

    Lack of Documents and Registration Deprive India’s Migrant Class of State Offered Benefits &...

    India’s migrant workers are integral to its economy, but indivisible in its policies and schemes. The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the loopholes that cripple the system and deprive its workers.

    Watch | “Sarkar Jawab De…Jawab De” A new rap composition on the ongoing migrant...

    Duleshwar Tandi, a 27 year, rapper from Kalahandi district, Odisha expresses his anguish about the migrant worker crisis during the Coronavirus pandemic and the institutional apathy experienced by the class, in his engaging rap composition. 

    Making Sense of the Pandemic & the Ushering in of a New World Order

    Instead of the imagining, hoping and creating the post-COVID times in the language of ‘normal’ past, there is a need to affirm the crisis so that the space for new possibilities can be explored.
    Economy in pandemic

    India’s Migrant Crisis Highlights the Cleavages of Institutional Apathy and Policy Neglect in the...

    Institutional apathy, policy neglect and societal disregard have underlined India’s migrant crisis amid the pandemic.

    JNU Sanitation Workers Remain Unpaid for Two Months Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

    Sanitation workers in JNU haven’t been paid their salaries for the last two months and are finding it impossible to survive amid the pandemic.
    The Unplanned Nationwide Lockdown

    For Uttar Pradesh’s Poverty Stricken Migrant Workers, “Coronavirus is Better Than Hunger”

    Hundreds of Uttar Pradesh's 30 lakh-migrant workers who returned back during the lockdown are going back to cities like Mumbai for employment even though it puts their lives at risk.

    Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of India’s COVID-19 Response: Migrant Workers, Farmers and Tribals

    Underestimated and neglected, India’s migrant workers, farmers and tribals are on the frontline of our response to the pandemic.

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