Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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    Activating the Strength of an Awakened Citizenry: Taking Democracy to the Grassroots

    Strengthening grassroots democracy is at the core of building a society with vibrant citizenary.

    The Dilution of the RTI Act and Agnes Kharshiing’s Struggle Against Illegal Coal Mining...

    Illegal coal mining in Meghalaya endangers both ecology and human life, activist and human-rights champion Agnes Kharshiing continues her fight while the RTI stands heavily weakened.

    CJI Office Comes under RTI Radar, but with Conditions

    "Transparency doesn’t undermine judicial independency," Supreme Court said while upholding the Delhi High Court judgment which ruled that office of the Chief Justice comes under the purview of RTI.

    Growing Concern over Government’s Onslaught on RTI

    Amendments to the RTI may pose a serious threat to the integrity of Indian democracy.

    RTI Amendment Bill- Undermining Transparent Democratic Functioning

    The implementation of RTI will depend on ensuring transparent appointments for the post of commissioners and addressing the reasons for poor implementation.

    Controversial RTI Amendment Bill Passed, Opposition Calls it Nuisance

    The controversial bill to amend the RTI has been passed amid the Opposition’s allegations that it's an attempt to subvert the the historic struggle behind the act.

    The Save RTI Campaign is the Cornerstone of Our Democracy

    The recent march in Delhi to protect the RTI act is an important time in the history of democratic India because if we don’t oppose the dilution of the RTI, the ordinary citizen shall be completely disempowered.

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