Sunday, February 28, 2021

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    Will the strict curb on excessively heavy school bags help the Indian student ?

    From Reduced Weight of School Bags to Lesser Homework: How the Government’s Recommendations Can...

    From reduction in homework and the burden of textbooks to eliminating the compulsive carrying of heavy school bags, a new government plan may bring some respite to school children. 

    Schools Open in Andhra Pradesh and Assam But Student Attendance Remains Negligible

    As schools in Andhra Pradesh and Assam once again open their doors to students, attendance remains poor and fear looms large amid the pandemic.

    Millions of Girls May Never Return to School as Over 24 Million Children Drop-Out...

    The coronavirus pandemic has deeply entranced and long-lasting implications for the education sector across the world and girls and women students are likely to...

    2G in Times of 4G: Poor Internet Connectivity Makes Online Learning Impossible for Children...

    At a time when online teaching is becoming the new trend, children in the Valley are struggling to download WhatsApp lectures amid poor internet connectivity.

    The Other Side of Discipline

    In this brief note the editorial team has tried to indicate Foucault’s insights into the practice of school education.

    Dead Mouse or Dead Ethics: Why is the UP Government Feeding Poisoned Food in...

    Dead mouse, diluted milk, salt and rotis, this is the dark truth of rampant corruption and callous implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in Uttar Pradesh.

    Assam’s Midday Meal Workers Threaten to Go on Hunger Strike

    The workers demand that till the government not give them in writing that their jobs are safe, they will continue to strike.

    Dropout Rate/Arunachal Pradesh Refurbishes ‘Old’ Bus to ‘Vibrant’ Classroom

    Lohit district in Arunachal Pradesh has converted an old bus into a vibrant classroom, students are now motivated to come to school.

    The Kashmir Lockdown and its Implications for Millions of Children

    Millions of children in the Valley are part of the prolonged political crisis in Kashmir without any fault of theirs. Their education and learning stand completely destroyed, leaving them out of schools for a prolonged and indefinite period.

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