Wednesday, May 25, 2022


True Education and not Literacy is the Need of the Times

The colonial administration focused on an education system meant to be produce non-reflexive, law-abiding citizens, but even today why does the education system fail to cultivate rational thinking and creative imagination?

School Students Take Hygiene to the Community:The Story of a Humble School in Junagadh,...

FROM THE FIELD / There is a widespread feeling that government schools are not well-maintained, particularly so in villages. But many government schools are breaking this image with significant improvements.

Abusive and Sadist: Indian Schools in the Dark Age

A residential school’s hurry in burying the body of a twelve year old student after he was killed by seniors in the school premises at Dehradun, points to the emergence of the school as a site for abuse and sadism instead of the nurturance of potential.

From Learning Happiness to Happiness While Learning: Reflections on the Happiness Curriculum

Government of NCT of Delhi has introduced the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ to make schools less stressful and much happier spaces for children through mindfulness, storytelling and self-expression. Can such a curriculum percolate to the lived realities of all these children?

Thinking Beyond Hollow Conceptions of Teacher Performance

EDUCATION Will it be appropriate to rate teachers based on students’ performance alone or are there many nuanced factors that determine the way the child learns at school apart from the way the teacher delivers in class? Will critiquing the rating of teachers necessarily amount to allowing teachers to escape from being accountable to teaching?

Petitions Challenge Compulsory Hindu Prayers across Kendriya Vidyalayas

Petitioners have gone to the Supreme Court challenging the act of making Hindi and Sanskrit prayers compulsory in Kendriya Vidyalas across the nation and they see it as against the Constitutional rights of the minorities and non-believers.

School Teachers Freed From Non- Educational Duties outside RTE Act

Duties that are not in the ambit of the RTE will no more be pressed upon teachers and principals. This is a positive step taken by a High Court order, in a context where non-academic duties distract, detract and deflect the teacher.

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Suicides Remind Us of the Urgency of Educational Reformation

EDUCATION It is shocking to note that 49 children have committed suicide from 2013-2017 at the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas for a series of issues like family problems, unrequited love, depression among others.

What Sort of Schools Are You Searching For, Dear Parents?

EDUCATION As the anxiety over children's admission into nursery classes becomes infectious, the author appeals to the parents to reflect on the 'goodness' of 'good' schools.

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