Monday, November 29, 2021


The Kashmir Lockdown and its Implications for Millions of Children

Millions of children in the Valley are part of the prolonged political crisis in Kashmir without any fault of theirs. Their education and learning stand completely destroyed, leaving them out of schools for a prolonged and indefinite period.

English as Empowerment? Karnataka’s Answer is Bilingual Classrooms

Karnataka government schools strike balance between Kannada and English as mediums of instruction.

Critical Beings or Technocrats: Positivism in Social Science Classrooms

As classrooms becoming distant from realty, students will emerge as technocrats but would fail to embrace a multiplicity socio-cultural perspective.

The Much Needed Reform in Education

Being a central force, education needs to renew itself to meet the challenges of a new social order.

NCPCR Report Reveals Dark Side of Jharkhand-Bihar Mica Mines

The mica mines of Bihar and Jharkhand are compelling over 5,000 children to lead lives of perpetual exploitation.

School Surveillance: When Terror Comes Masked as Goodwill Measure

The widespread presence of CCTV cameras in schools normalises the culture of doubt and suspicion and denies the possibility of an ecosystem that is based on trust and goodwill.

Schools Record Low Attendance in Valley as Fear Persists

Low school attendance in the Valley in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370, is a serious concern.

CCTV Surveillance in Delhi Government Schools is Turning Them into an Orwellian Nightmare

AAP government may have done a commendable job at uplifting the face of public schooling in Delhi but its decision to broadcast live CCTV footage from classrooms is a regressive move.

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