Friday, January 28, 2022


No Drinking Water and Toilets in More than 50% Schools across the World: UNICEF...

REPORTAGE | A joint report by the UNICEF and the WHO has revealed the appalling situation in our schools, where 900 million children do not have access to safe drinking water globally. It reminds us yet again of the risk that is inflicted on children due to the sheer negligence of governments globally.

Private Schools Roll Back Arbitrary Fee Hike and Other Stories

THE LATEST | Private Schools Roll Back Arbitrary Fee Hike and Other Stories

Ideas and Innovation Transform Mysuru Government School

Teachers from a remote school in Haropura, Mysuru have taken the initiative to transform the school building into a train like structure attracting students like a magnet and thus resolving the problem of dropouts.

Breaking the School-Coaching Center Nexus

EDUCATION | The Directorate of Matriculation of Schools, Tamil Nadu has issued a curricular to schools prohibiting them from collaborating with coaching centers and compelling students to take up uniform career choices.

The Kotia Ashram School in Odisha Represents the Crisis in School Education

EDUCATION Odisha | The Kotia Ashram School, Odisha does not have even the basic infrastructural facilities and symbolizes the absence of sustained reform in the domain of school education in India.

Mr Trump Arming Teachers Cannot Be a Solution to School Shootings in USA

In response to the Florida school shootings, President Trump assured guardians of stringent mechanisms by arming teachers with guns to protect students. Can we go far without addressing the root of the problem?

Vacation Days and Guardian’s Worry

Holidays make guardians worried for their children and the significance of making proper utilisation of time is their motive. Will occupying them in hobby workshops solve the crisis?

On the day of Retirement Head Master Immolates Himself

It is not a surprising that we live in a democracy that forgives people involved in large scale scams and is unable to arrange for the basic necessities of people who work with dedication to their vocation.

Budget for CCTV Camera in Delhi Government Schools: Compromising Freedom of Learning

The Budget gives 175 crore Rupees for the installation of CCTV Cameras in government schools stating the reason of precaution. The denial of classroom freedom is a concern for the teaching community.

A Creative Outlook at the Issue of Remaining Absent from the Classroom in Schools

FROM THE FIELD The task of arousing interest in learning in the mind of the young student rests on the teacher. Creativity and imagination equip the teacher to invite little minds in the celebration of knowledge. Shehnaz

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