Friday, April 23, 2021

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    Casteism is Not a Fatal Disease

    INDIAN UNTOUCHABILITY The system of institutionalised hierarchy in the form of caste cannot be eradicated without a change in societal perception.

    Nothing Really Has Changed for Bihar’s Musahar Community

    The Musahar community in Bihar is one of the most deprived and socially disadvantaged groups that are present in the country. Its pathetic condition has not improved much despite a series of reforms and changes in Indian political history. The empowerment of the Musahars is an intrinsic need for the wellbeing of the society as a whole.

    The Meanings of the Walkman: Towards a Cultural Artifact By Steve Matthewman

    Steve Matthewman is a distinguished sociologist teaching at University of Auckland, New Zealand. In this amazingly insightful piece, the author has reflected on the Walkman—the way this technological device has led to growing privatization of our experiences, and altered our modes of engagement with society. Steve Matthewman

    A Future that is better than the Present: Reminiscences of Childhood in the age...

    We live in times characterised by hyper-consumerism and the dominance of the market ideology amidst these circumstances how can we cultivate a consciousness among young learners that transcends the ethos of consumption? Let us explore the theme in what follows below.

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