Thursday, May 6, 2021

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    Real Estate Fantasy Amid Normalization of Violence 

    THE NEW LEAM VIEWPOINT A penetrating look at morning newspapers makes you feel the paradoxes of our times. Yet, another lynching...

    From Partisan Politics to Corrupt Practices

    THE LATEST | Not just yet another news item. The New Leam evolves a way of seeing, and reflects on the mood of our times.

    A New Trend in Bypoll Elections with the Emergence of United Opposition

    REPORTAGE By-poll results have given the United Opposition a platform to question the omnipresence of the ruling party. In states like Maharashtra, Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh the collaborative efforts of a United Opposition wins the election.

    Event Management To Governance: Four Years of NDA

    POLITICS The NDA government completes its four years and it is significant for people to analyze its trajectory. The author throws light on the governance delivered up till now.

    Growing Donations to Political Parties: ADR Report

    India is a nation where widespread malnutrition, illiteracy, backwardness and poverty are great concerns. A report by ADR illustrates the vulgar affluence and wealth of political parties.

    On Delhi Archbishop and the Tales of Fractured Secularism  

    Here is a perceptive piece that takes us to the deeper layers of Indian consciousness with its multiple religious traditions.  The New Leam Staff Let the...

    Karnataka Elections, Transaction of Legislators and a Decaying Culture of Politics

    KARNATAKA | Horse trading of legislators, unprecedented monetary exchanges and the decadence of a really democratic society are evident as the polls in Karnataka revealed.

    Karnataka Episode : Don’t expect morality from them, friends 

    The Karnataka episode reveals once again our collective decadence .

    Indian Villages and the Government’s Universal Electrification Program

    COMMENTARY Villages in India across many states do not have access to electricity; the government’s Universal Electrification Program requires evaluation of its capacity to give electricity to all households in the country.

    Only Superman and Not Kanhaiya Can Fail Eleven Times When There are no Examinations...

    No university conducts exams for Ph.D. students and Kanhaiya Kumar is such a student in JNU. Unless he is Superman, it is beyond Kanhaiya to fail his examinations any number of times because no examinations are conducted in the program he is admitted to.

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