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The Pandemic , Unequal Opportunities and the Challenges Posed by the Online Mode of...

In a society embedded in socio-economic hierarchies, access to online education is limited to the privileged and leaves behind a large section of those coming from marginalised backgrounds.

Challenges to the Online Model of Education: Stories from the Remote Corners of India

Online education isn’t an easy proposition in regions that lack electricity, internet connectivity and are economically vulnerable, but do we care?

Why Indian Women are more Vulnerable to Suicide than any Other Country

India accounts for 37% of female suicides in the world annually, do social stigma and lack of mental health awareness have a role to play?

Education as Substantial Public Interest and the Inherent Inequalities of Online Education

With online education becoming a new trend amid the coronavirus pandemic, its ability to become democratic and egalitarian in terms of its dissemination is highly debatable.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Today’s Movement for Racial Justice

This is indeed a moment in history when we may acquire the much needed insight and inspiration from Bonhoeffer’s extraordinary life and legacy.
inequality in india

The Violence Embedded in Liberalism and the Complexity of a Modernist Utopia

The following piece deals with an in-depth understanding of the culture of systematic violence engrained in contemporary liberalism.
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Destined To be Invisible : Why Indian Women are Absent from the Public Discourse...

The pandemic threatens women’s representation in the Indian public discourse and makes them further invisible from the domains of education, employment and empowerment.

The Need to Revive the Lost Art of Sharing and Caring as India’s Poor...

Hyper-consumption, lack of political will and unfair distribution of resources has made the Indian poor and the migrant class the worst sufferers of the financial crunch amid the lockdown.
public healthcare system in Bihar

COVID-19 Has Exposed India’s Rich-Poor Divide Unlike Before and Brought Healthcare to the Centre-Stage

The Coronavirus pandemic has underlined India’s fragile public healthcare system and decades of meagre expenditure on strengthening possibilities for affordability and quality in healthcare.
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Indifferent State, Hypocritical Politics and the Plight of Migrant Workers

Here is a piece that underlines state apathy towards the migrant class and reveals the fractured and unequal society that we find ourselves in.

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