Monday, May 23, 2022

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Toddler Tries to Wake Up Dead Mother at Muzaffarpur Station Amid Unprecedented Migrant Crisis 

A video clip of a baby trying to wake up his dead mother at Muzaffarpur station, truly depicts the tragic unfolding of the lockdown for India’s migrant class. 
labour women

Women in the Informal Sector Worst Hit by Lockdown, Suggests ISST Study

Women working in the informal sector are faced with unprecedented hardships amid the lockdown that only highlight and underline a highly gendered cultural ethos based on discriminatory practices.

A Hilarious Online Class Amid the Lockdown and the Hoax that Classrooms Can be...

Children and teachers are busy using virtual applications to engage in academic pursuits but can a physical classroom with its vibrancy and energy ever be replaced?

“Centre’s Lockdown Strategy has Failed” says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi made a live address today and questioned the Centre on its action plan, as cases across the country continue to rise.  Rahul Gandhi said “In Congress -ruled states, we have a strategy but we cannot function without the national government.”  Rahul  Gandhi made an appeal to the Centre to provide financial support to people and industries by infusing cash into the economy.
Jyoti Kumari

Why Must it Take a Jyoti Kumari to Cycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga to...

Visuals of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari cycling from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her ailing father over seven days amid the lockdown have gone viral and the likes of Ivanka Trump have called her story inspiring.
migrant workers

Migrant Workers Struggle for Survival in Gurugram Amid Absent Wages and Silent Employers

Without food or work, migrant workers who chose to stay back in Gurugram amid the lockdown find it impossible to make two ends meet.
Aurangabad Train Accident

Aurangabad Train Accident :The Death of the Dignity of the Migrant Class

When exhausted migrant workers slept on the railways tracks of Madhya Pradesh and a goods train crushed them to death, where was the India that they toiled for?
staying indoors during the quarantine

An Insult is Often the Biggest Source of Entertainment

Here is yet another engaging commentary on how people have been dealing with staying indoors during the quarantine.
Hijra community

Visibly ‘Invisible’: The Plight of India’s Vulnerable Hijra Community Amid the Lockdown

Societal stigma, state-neglect , lack of funds and inability to access food and healthcare have pushed the Hijra community in India into further marginalisation and poverty.

Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren Welcomes First Batch of Migrants in Praiseworthy Move 

Jharkhand receives its first batch of stranded migrant workers from Telangana amid the nationwide lockdown. 

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