Monday, May 23, 2022

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A Special Status but a Poor Internet Connectivity Make Online Classes a Challenge for...

Slow internet connection, poor rates of accessibility and an institutional aloofness have made online classes a struggle for students in the Valley.
Lockdown guidelines

Nationwide Lockdown Extended Till May 17: Zone-Wise Restrictions Permitted 

The MHA has announced its decision to extend the countrywide lockdown by two more weeks to curb and curtail the spread of COVID-19. Permissions and restrictions will be applicable to states based on designated zone categorisations.

A School in Himachal Pradesh Turns Messiah for Stranded Migrant Workers

A school in Solan district comes to the aid of migrant workers at a time when the lockdown brings unprecedented hardships for the class.

Textile Industry Amid Lockdown : Second Largest Employer on the Verge of Crumbling

Severe economic difficulties will continue to hit the textile sector in the aftermath of the lockdown. As the second largest employer of the Indian masses, the textile industry will need sustained governmental support to survive.

E-Learning is Fashionable, But is it Universally Accessible Too?

With schools shut and academic calendars looking uncertain, e-learning becomes fashionable. But can all children access it with equal ease and comfort?

The Novel Coronavirus and the Fragility of Human Life and Society

International relations based on the universality of humanity and societal relations defined by love and care for fellow members are necessary for our collective survival. Display of hate and bigotry would mean our collective failure.

Journalists are Frontline Warriors: Why Are Media Houses Using the Lockdown as an Excuse...

Media houses are sacking journalists and other employees and cutting down salaries. Is the lockdown being used as an excuse for mass retrenchment even by the big media names? 
Lockdown guidelines

What is Permitted, What is Prohibited: Government Issues Revised Lockdown Guidelines 

Here is a detailed look at what is allowed and what is not allowed according to the government’s latest lockdown guidelines. 
manufacturing units

India Plans to Revive Key Manufacturing Units Despite Lockdown 

Unemployment, loss of wages, slow economic growth and enhanced poverty may only be a few implications of the lockdown. But the government now plans to resume some manufacturing units despite the lockdown.
clean air

Lockdown Cleanses City Air, But What About a Post-Lockdown Plan?

The air quality in Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad may be improving due to the lockdown, but are we making any long term plans? 

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