Friday, May 7, 2021

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    How Black people in the 19th century used photography as a tool for social...

    Frederick Douglass is perhaps best known as an abolitionist and intellectual. But he was also the most photographed American of the 19th century. And...

    Suffering in the town powering India’s nuclear dreams

    In Jharkhand’s Jaduguda region, which has India’s oldest uranium mines, local communities narrate stories of suffering due to degrading health and the environment. The government, however, denies any ill-impact of uranium mining on people.

    Whom Does the Nation Consider its Own?

    In social infrastructure a privilege of the elite alone or do the marginalised masses too have a share in the nation’s growth story? In the piece that follows we explore this complex issue. Kavya Thomas

    Fake News Era: Need for Critical Media Literacy

    There is a need for education to enable the polity to navigate and confront the lies perpetuated by politicians and media outlets.

    Good Governance is About Responsibility to People’s Welfare

    PERSPECTIVE / The foundation of a good democracy depends on its ability to ensure solid governance which is accountable and conducive to people’s needs.

    Elections are Coming: Where are the Awakened Voters?

    POLITICS/Democracy is not about passive consumption, or merely a routinized act of casting one's vote; as active/reflexive creators, we have to choose our politics. In a way, the act of exercising the voting right is an act of immense responsibility; it needs the willingness to learn and unlearn.

    Whim of the Wealthy or Shared Choice: The Debate over Veganism

    Paradoxically enough, in spite of the ecologically beneficial and healthy lifestyle which veganism has to offer, why should it continue to be the choice of the elite?

    Pittsburgh Mass Synagogue Shooting

    PITTSBURGH | Saturday witnessed mass shootings at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA killing eleven innocent lives. The ant- Semitic sentiment behind the killing is an important reminder of intolerance growing in the US.

    The Struggle of Indian Masses is Inseparable from the Glory of the Tricolor

    VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY On the occasion of independence day, we are sharing a creatively curated photo-essay with  series of penetrating images for our readers.

    Forest People and the Lacuna in the Implementation of the PESA and FRA Acts

    POLICY MAKERS The PESA and the FRA are acts that can empower people of the forests to lead dignified lives and generate livelihood. Improper implementation and dearth of democratic exercise need to be evaluated for meaningful utilization of forest resource and empowerment of people.

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