Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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    Pregnant Women, Children at Risk of Hunger and Malnutrition as Anganwadis Remain Dysfunctional Due...

    Pregnant and lactating women along with children under the age of six years stand at a complete risk of huger and malnutrition as Anganwadis remain shut amid the pandemic.

    Coronavirus Pandemic Pushes Millions More into Hunger and Malnutrition:UN Report

    The pandemic and its extensive economic fallout have compelled more people across the world to go hunger and suffer from malnutrition.

    Children of Migrant Workers Deprived of Nutrition & Vaccines as Anganwadis Remain Dysfunctional

    Children from vulnerable families across India are being deprived of nutritious food and vaccines as anganwadis remain shut and the health system finds itself over-burdened and fragile.

    “No One Should Die of Starvation When the Godowns are Overflowing” Say Right to...

    The PDS system often leaves out the undocumented poor but the universalisation of the scheme could prevent starvation deaths in times of the pandemic.

    Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to Loss of 400 Millions Jobs in 2020

    The coronavirus pandemic has led to a loss of 400 million jobs around the world, Africa and Asia are among the worst affected regions.

    UN Warns:Pandemic Will Push 50 Million People Into Extreme Poverty Without Food Security

    Shoring up global food security is key to tackling the pandemic’s economic fallouts and its potential to push nearly 50 million more people into extreme poverty.
    The Unplanned Nationwide Lockdown

    For Uttar Pradesh’s Poverty Stricken Migrant Workers, “Coronavirus is Better Than Hunger”

    Hundreds of Uttar Pradesh's 30 lakh-migrant workers who returned back during the lockdown are going back to cities like Mumbai for employment even though it puts their lives at risk.
    Economy in pandemic

    Bruised, Battered and Humiliated: The Story of Migrant Workers

    The migrant class finds itself amid a flood of difficulties. Absent from rhetorical politics and public conscience, who will pay heed to their agonies?

    How Mumbai’s poorest neighbourhood is battling to keep coronavirus at bay

    More than a month before the Indian government imposed a national lockdown, Shivaji Nagar residents, supported by the NGO Apnalaya, adopted their own measures to counter the pandemic.

    The Starving Urban Poor in Dhaka and Chittagong

    The plight of the urban poor in Bangladesh is a reminder of inadequate package rollouts and inefficient mechanisms to reach out to affected populations.

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