Friday, April 23, 2021

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    Narendra Modi

    Amid CAA Protests and Economic Crisis: Modi Government Plans to Save “India’s Cultural Vision”

    Conservation of Indus Valley Civilization sites, construction of an institute to promote “unique Indian traditions”and a museum on Indian Prime Ministers are part of the Modi government’s vision plan for 2024.
    rohingya refugee

    Centre’s Next Step is to Deport Rohingya Refugees, Says Union Minister Jitendra Singh

    After CAA and NRC, Centre’s next target is the fast deportation of Rohingya refugees from the country.

    Unclarity continues over BJP’s CM candidate for upcoming Delhi elections

    “The party is going to contest elections on a positive note highlighting the achievements of the Narendra Modi government”, said Union Minister Prakash Javadekar in a press conference.
    Union Home Minister Amit Shah

    Amit Shah says its Time to Teach the Tukde-tukde Gang a Lesson

    In his latest attack on the Opposition, Home Minster Amit Shah wants to teach Delhi’s tukde-tukde gang a lesson.

    Mamata Banerjee Challenges BJP for UN-Monitored Referendum on CAA

    West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee has challenged to BJP to allow a UN monitored referendum on the CAA.
    Rahul Gandhi

    Rahul Gandhi’s “Rape in India” Remark Creates Ruckus in Parliament

    The BJP has protested Rahul Gandhi’s use of the term “Rape in India” in Parliament today, both Houses were adjourned.

    Curfew Doesn’t Dilute the Spirit of Protestors Against the CAB

    Protests Continue in Guwahati against the Citizenship(Amendment) Bill as protestors defy curfew.
    Assam had been witnessing major daytime as well as night protests against the implementation of the NRC

    Assam Rages with Major Protests Against Contentious Citizenship Bill

    The CAB will be tabled in the Lok Sabha by Union Home Minister Amit Shah but is likely to face great opposition in the House.

    NRC Detention Centres or Modern-day Concentration Camps?

    A nationwide NRC exercise may further entrench social inequality, communal conflict and exploitative gender relations in our country.

    Modi’s Nationwide NRC Dream Gets Cabinet Thumbs-Up

    Cabinet approves Citizenship Bill, Parliament to discuss it next week.

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