Friday, May 7, 2021

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    A Message on Twitter, AIIMS and the Infinite

    Amid the assertion of power, does Sushma Swaraj's death remind us of the ultimate meaning of existence?

    Growing Concern over Government’s Onslaught on RTI

    Amendments to the RTI may pose a serious threat to the integrity of Indian democracy.

    ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Slogan Divides the BJP and the Congress in Viral Video

    While the Opposition has alleged that the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is being weaponised against minorities, we regressive impacts penetrating down to the streets.

    POSCO Amendment Bill Passed in Raj Sabha

    The Rajya Sabha passed the POSCO Amendment Bill with support from leaders across political parties.

    Controversial RTI Amendment Bill Passed, Opposition Calls it Nuisance

    The controversial bill to amend the RTI has been passed amid the Opposition’s allegations that it's an attempt to subvert the the historic struggle behind the act.

    Crisis in Karnataka Continues as Rebel MLAs Move SC over Non- Acceptance of Resignations

    The Karnataka political crisis continues as the rebel MLAs moving with the SC seeking action against the Speaker for not accepting their resignations with a deliberate motive.

    My Moral Loneliness Amid the Victory of the BJP-led NDA

    As I switch off the television channels, I begin to walk - a lonely walk. And then, as I approach an old banyan tree, an inner voice begins to possess me.

    Congress State Chiefs Resign after Massive Election Debacle

    State Chiefs of Congress Party put forth their resignation by taking the responsibility for Congress’s failure in the Lok Sabha elections.

    NDA Clearly Set to Form Government

    The current trends in the election counting point towards a comfortable victory for the BJP led NDA, proving the predictions of the exit polls right.

    The Significance of an Accountable Lokpal Bill: The Disappointment of Last Five Years

    The Modi government did not do that and instead tried to dilute the entire law because of which it was never passed.

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