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PM Modi Wants ‘Good Debates’ on Economy this Budget Session

Speaking ahead of the Budget Session in Parliament, PM Narendra Modi said he is looking forward to 'good debates' in both the Houses of the Parliament
Narendra Modi

Amid CAA Protests and Economic Crisis: Modi Government Plans to Save “India’s Cultural Vision”

Conservation of Indus Valley Civilization sites, construction of an institute to promote “unique Indian traditions”and a museum on Indian Prime Ministers are part of the Modi government’s vision plan for 2024.

RJD MP Manoj Jha Alleges, “Merger of Railway Services May Threaten Safety”

In a letter to PM Narendra Modi, MP and member of Standing Committee Manoj Jha alleges railway merger proposal brought without consensus of non-technical civil servants.

PM Modi’s ‘Political Speech’ Deeply Hurtful: Ramakrishna Mission Monks

Members of the Ramkrishna Mission expressed their displeasure with PM Narendra Modi for delivering a "political speech" at Belur Math and for allegedly making use of RKM as a platform for giving out 'controversial message.'

Decoding PM Modi’s Ramlila Maidan Speech: A ‘Soft Retreat’ from BJP’s Erstwhile Aggressive NRC...

PM Modi finally spoke on the nationwide protests against the CAA and assured the agitating Muslim community that there was no need to feel afraid.

PM Modi’s Mega Rally at Ramlila Maidan Amid Massive Anti-CAA Protests

PM Modi addresses mega rally in Delhi amid widespread anti-CAA protests.

In Assam, a solidarity network has emerged to help those at risk of becoming stateless

The international community criticised the new law, with the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights calling it “fundamentally discriminatory”.

Nanavati Commission Gives Clean-Chit to Modi Government in 2002 Gujarat Riots Case

Over 1,000 people, mainly of the minority community were killed in the riots according to the official estimates.
If Israel calls itself a democracy, it must uphold the dignity of prisoners too.

NCRB’s ‘Crime in India’ Report Paints Worrisome Picture

The report reveals that ‘educated’ juveniles are more active criminals than the ‘illiterate’ ones. It indeed is a worrying trend in India.

Video / PM Modi’s Mamallipuram Cleanliness Drive Amid Environmental Crisis Across India

PM Modi’s Mamallipuram Beach Walk at a Time when from Aarey Forest to Narmada Valley, the Indian Ecology is in Deep Crisis

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