Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Watch | Unable to attend online classes: LSR student commits suicide

Second year student Aishwarya Reddy of Delhi University committed suicide at her home in Telangana over non-payment of fellowship. Inability to attend online teaching-learning demotivated and finally resulted in her death.

It Takes an Individual to Commit Suicide, It Takes a Community to Prevent it

Suicide as a phenomenon calls for society to come together in order to address and prevent individuals from taking the drastic step while creating an ecosystem of acceptance and wellbeing.

Why Indian Women are more Vulnerable to Suicide than any Other Country

India accounts for 37% of female suicides in the world annually, do social stigma and lack of mental health awareness have a role to play?
[Dr. Payal Tadvi And Rohit Vemula]

NCRB Displays Disturbing Data on Suicide Among Indian Youth

The latest data revealed by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that on an average 28 students comment suicide on a daily basis in India. Why is India’s youth population under so much distress?
Fatima Lateef

The Teacher as the New Villain: Seeing Beyond the Binaries

While discriminatory and prejudiced practices may be rampant, one cannot deny the extremely empowering presence of some teachers as catalysts for transformation.

Is India Turning into Suicide Land?

Despite the highest suicide rate in the entire South East Asian region, India has no prevention strategy in place.

Payal Tadvi’s Demise: Suicide or Institutional Murder?

Payal Tadvi’s death is a reminder of how caste prejudice and sustained discrimination against Dalits and minorities plagues our institutions.

JNU is as Alienating as Liberating, Why Speak Only the Better Part?

The suicide of Rishi Joshua Thomas in the JNU campus library warns us about growing alienation and loneliness even in a campus that seems to promise pure freedom.

Loan Waivers Wouldn’t Solve Agrarian Distress in India

Each government that comes to power plays the politics of loan waivers, but in the absence of land reform and structural change- how far can the rhetoric of loan waivers solve India’s agricultural crisis?

Farmers in Punjab Commit Suicide despite Loan Waiver

Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) recently reported that since the Congress government rolled out its loan waiver last year in Punjab, 430 farmers have committed suicide.  Will the rhetoric of loan waivers on its own solve the farmers’ crisis?

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