Friday, February 26, 2021

    Loving to Read and Reading to Love

    FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reading is central to the development of the learner’s mind, and when this habit is developed from an early age it...

    Inflated Marks: The Tale of a Murderous System

    As the Board Exam is approaching, the author reminds us of the pathology of inflated marks that a faulty system of education has created.

    VIDEO: The Animal Parable

    The contemporary design of schooling concentrates on mechanical learning without taking into consideration the learner's needs. So we end up emphasizing skill over talent, memory over spontaneity.

    Towards School: Not a Smooth Journey

    Why is it that schools are becoming increasingly exclusionary? And why is it that nursery admissions are becoming so difficult? With her personal experiences as well as critical insights the author has touched upon a fundamental question confronting everyone bothered about childhood, schooling and education.

    Rethinking the Pedagogic Possibility- Mathematics Teaching can be...

    PEDAGOGIC INNOVATION Mathematics can be seen in a new light and made into a subject that can make the child culturally-aesthetically sensitive, a creative teacher shares her pedagogic interventions. Dr. Agnes D’Costa

    Shortage of Teachers in Government Schools in Delhi despite Vacancies

    An adequate student-teacher ratio is the cornerstone of quality teaching-learning process and without the appointment of a sufficient number of teachers in place education is bound to suffer. Will the insufficient recruitment of teachers be immediately addressed or will our government schools continue to suffer? Kavya Thomas

    The Ecstasy of Studying Sociology*

    In this lucid/illuminating piece, Professor Avijit Pathak has inspired young learners to celebrate sociology, and relate books and theories to lived experiences. Prof. Avijit Pathak

    Marginalized Students to Access Their Textbooks ‘Online’ in Punjab

    In Punjab students from marginalized backgrounds are expected to access textbooks online in the absence of hard copies. In the relentless race towards technologization are we missing out on the very basis of inclusive growth and egalitarian development?

    Deconstructing ‘Moral’ Education and its Relevance for Our Times

    Moral education is a much contested terrain; nevertheless it is a theme that has captured the attention of educationists from the beginning of time. In the contemporary situation it becomes crucial for us to redefine its meaning, and innovate it to suit the challenges of the present times. The article that follows shows us the path by throwing light on this interesting and compelling theme.

    Nurturing the use of Senses at the School Level

    Growing urbanization and fascination with gadgets has often ended up robbing children of the time and space to discover and relate to the natural world around them, this not only deprives them of the sheer happiness of unwinding in natural abundance but also weakens their artistic/emotive faculties. The article that follows shares some creative insights as to how pedagogues can bring young learners closer to nature through simple yet meaningful activities.