Saturday, June 19, 2021


    Being a Muslim in Contemporary India

    The seeds of hatred against Muslims are giving enough fruit in the contemporary times, when an ordinary Muslim citizen is hated, stereotyped and rebuked in all spheres of life. In an ambience of mistrust can shared living become a lived reality?

    Would You Reflect on My Bhagavadgita, Mr.Modi?

    VIEWPOINT Amid war and nationalism Mr Narendra Modi unveils yet another spectacular edition of the Bhagavadgita. But then, has he really tried to learn something meaningful from this amazing text?

    Challenges of Intolerance and War are Crucial to Education in Our Times

    BRINGING UP CHILDREN The challenges of bringing up our children in an increasingly turbulent world demand that parents and educators throughout the world unite and strive for ways to inculcate peace and brotherhood across the world.

    Film Kedarnath: The Same Old Rhetoric over Cross-Religious Love

    FILM REVIEW Kedarnath is set in the backdrop of the 2013 floods that wreaked havoc in Uttarakhand. It is a story of blossoming love between a Hindu-Muslim couple despite the odds.

    Walking on the Gandhian Dream and the Aspiration of a Collective Nation

    EDITORIAL/ We live in times where growing intolerance and limited notions of nationhood cloud our vision, remembering the important lessons that Mahatma Gandhi taught us will enable us to walk on the path of tolerance and mutual brotherhood.

    Hindus and Muslims Belong Together: Why Our Schools Don’t Understand

    At a school in Wazirabad, Hindus and Muslims compose two different sections; amidst an already fractured national consciousness has schooling failed its inclusive purpose? Ananya Pathak

    The River Watching the Play of Pain, Longing and Celebration

    SPECIAL ESSAY In this remarkably sensitive piece written with the flavour of sociological sensibility and philosophic depth, Professor Avijit Pathak narrates the illuminating stories the river whispers into his ears.

    The Menace of Witch Hunting in Assam is Not Just a Feminine Concern

    Witch Hunting Bill The little addressed malaise of witch hunting affected the lives of hundreds of ordinary women across the nation. The Assam Witch Hunting Bill is a fundamental step towards addressing the problem. Chandreyee Goswami

    Falsehood of an Over-arching Religious Identity

    OPINION | In this lucid piece Professor Avijit Pathak has referred to Mr. Shashi Tharoor's remark on a 'Hindu Pakistan', and reflected on the politico-cultural and psychic dangers implicit in the idea of militant religious nationalism.  Avijit Pathak

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