Friday, April 23, 2021

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    The Absurdity of Opening Pubs Before Schools in England Highlighted by Paediatrician Anthony Costello

    Former WHO director and well-known paediatrician Anthony Costello has been an ardent critique of Britain’s response to the pandemic.

    Making Sense of the Pandemic & the Ushering in of a New World Order

    Instead of the imagining, hoping and creating the post-COVID times in the language of ‘normal’ past, there is a need to affirm the crisis so that the space for new possibilities can be explored.

    Patal Lok: A Series Unveiling the Dark Underworld & a Malfunctioning Bureaucratic Machinery

    Patal Lok throws light on high-profile crime while taking us to the dark realm of the underworld.

    All That is Lovely, Need Not be Fair: Learning to Embrace People Beyond the...

    From harmless taunts to media induced cultural symbols of beauty, the obsession with ‘fair’ skin points to a regressive and archaic Indian self.

    Indian Racism Won’t End Just by Dropping ‘Fair’ from Fair & Lovely

    Dropping of the word ‘fair’ from the popular ‘Fair & Lovely’ cream is sheer tokenism in a country that lives by the regressive and misogynistic ‘fair is beautiful myth’.

    Absence of State-Civil Society Cooperation Make Hunger an Unprecedented Challenge in Bihar

    The government and the civil society must work in collaborative effort to fight hunger and poverty amid the pandemic, but why have things not worked for Bihar?

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Today’s Movement for Racial Justice

    This is indeed a moment in history when we may acquire the much needed insight and inspiration from Bonhoeffer’s extraordinary life and legacy.
    A harmonious dialogue between the inner and the outer is the core essence of a meaningful existence.

    Life,Death and the Meaning of Suffering:Notes From a Learner’s Diary

    Every suicide, death, civil or political riot, every massacre, war disaster, epidemic must remind us that the root cause of all suffering is within, we must strive for transformation.
    migrant worker

    Living the Life of an “Orphan”: The Pathology of Being a Migrant Labourer in...

    An inadequately executed plan for the migrant class, the dilution of critical labour laws and the economic hardships to life and livelihood have brought the existence of India’s migrant workers into the dark dens of negligence and state apathy.
    Jyoti Kumari

    Why Must it Take a Jyoti Kumari to Cycle from Gurugram to Darbhanga to...

    Visuals of 15-year old Jyoti Kumari cycling from Gurugram to Darbhanga with her ailing father over seven days amid the lockdown have gone viral and the likes of Ivanka Trump have called her story inspiring.

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