Saturday, September 25, 2021


Restoring Faith in Democratic and Peaceful Resistance: The Time to Rethink the Left

As critical thinkers and politically aware students, we must not make the mistake of allowing the construction of a Left hegemony in the JNU campus.

Beyond Romila Thapar: The Tales of the Lesser Mortals

While we must adore Professor Romila Thapar, we should not forget to be in solidarity with many unknown teachers who need not necessarily possess the kind of CV that the distinguished historian has achieved for herself.

Will Issuing Show-Cause Notices Solve TISS Hyderabad Deadlock?

TISS Hyderabad students have been issued show-cause notices for resisting abrupt fee hike.

This Election Season at JNU, Lets Vote to Save Our University

The JNUSU elections are around the corner, here is an appeal by a young researcher who urges the student community to vote critically and wisely.

Making University Campuses Conducive to Gender Justice

The growing incidences of sexual violence on university campuses has enhanced the need for bodies that take urgent action against the culprits and ensure safer environments for all.

An Open Letter to My Fellow Students at JNU

While the university is undergoing a deep crisis amid perpetual onslaughts by the administration, a young student pens down a heartfelt note to her fellow students reminding them of the power of resistance in dark times.

As JNU Teachers, Our Indifference Can Prove to Be Fatal

In the age of collective indifference and fear, is it possible for the JNU teaching community to come together, and resist the tyranny of the 'competent authority'?

JNU VC Professor Jagadesh Kumar Must Go…

The deeds of JNU VC Professor Jagadesh Kumar are diverse and many. Saving the university, argues the author, means removing him.

Of Beauty and Brutality: The Contestation over Posters, Protest and Public Spaces in JNU

As a Kafkaesque dissonance dawns over JNU, it’s time to rethink the limitations of institutionalised power and its discomforts with radical thinking.

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